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A & A Backpacking Glacier National Park

Intro to Glacier National Park
Staying Safe in Glacier
Life at Rising Sun:
A Summer Spent in Glacier
Intro to NW Montana
Sights from Montana's Roads
Lake McDonald
  Avalanche Lake
  Trail of the Cedars
  Fish Lake
  Howe Lake
Going to the Sun Road and Logan Pass
  Hidden Lake
  Highline Trail
  Sunrift Gorge
  St. Mary Lake
    -Rising Sun
    -St. Mary Falls and Baring Falls
    -Sun Point
    -Otokomi Lake
East Glacier and Two Medicine
  Scenic Point
  Running Eagle Falls (Trick Falls)
Many Glacier and surrounding areas
  Belly River
  Cracker Lake
Waterton Lakes Nat'l Park and Canada
  Cameron Falls
  Bear's Hump
  Red Rock Canyon and Blakiston Falls
  Police Outpost Lake
Animals of Glacier
  Bear, Bighorn Sheep, 
  Fox, Marmot, 
  Mule Deer, Rocky Mountain Goat, 
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Wildlife Bears
sign posted at Glacier National Park entrances
This bear was photographed in mid-June of 2004, before the heavy tourist season starts. It was spotted at dusk on the Going to the Sun Road along St. Mary Lake. There are bears throughout Glacier National Park, including many infamous Grizzlies. As I worked at the Two Dog Flats Grill at Rising Sun, many customers asked me where they could go to spot these creatures. Each time I felt compelled to reply in the same way, "You really don't want to go out looking for these guys. If you find one on the trail, you could be in trouble quick." Once or twice throughout the season we spotted bears from the windows of that same restaurant, or across the parking lot on the porch of the gift shop, or on the steps of the Rising Sun Motel rooms.
young Black Bear, St. Mary Lake, and Red Eagle Mountain
Often entire trails are shut down in Glacier due to heavy bear traffic. They're pleasant to see from a distance, or from the safety of your car, but please, PLEASE, don't bug 'em. And if you see one from your car, don't stay too long--Socialized bears are dead bears.
young Black Bear